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QuietCool Whole House Fans

QuietCool Whole House Fans


QuietCool has been one of the fastest growing companies in the United States for the past 7 years thanks to our extensive expertise in the residential ventilation world. We have the ultimate line up of residential fans including whole house fans, smart attic fans, solar attic fans and garage fans.

At QuietCool, integrity, diligence, and innovation are integrated into everything we do. These core values are what has allowed us to pursue our vision of eco-friendly whole-home cooling and ventilation across the country. Since 2009, we have taken pride in improving people’s lives by delivering unmatched comfort while saving money.

When you buy a QuietCool, you will know that the product you receive was engineered and crafted with the utmost quality, by the best team in the ventilation industry.

If you are interested in a QuietCool Whole House Fan contact our prefered broker:

QC Oklahoma (405) 463-4440

Your Home Is SoSmart

Your Home Is SoSmart

SoSmart has partnered with your K&B Homes! Your home will be equipped with an advanced security system & smart home devices that will work through one simplified app.

Three Months of Monitoring Free!!

Below is a list of products SoSmart can integrate into the Smart Home System:

- Video Cameras, Doorbell Cameras, Lights, Locks, Thermostats, Garage Door Control, Shades, Outlets, Water Valves, Irrigation, Audio, and more! Other Services: Networking, Audio/Video, TV Mounting

- Voice Control through: Google Home, Alexa, Siri

New Home Solar Packages

New Home Solar Packages

By Solar Power of Oklahoma

We have partnered with Solar Power of Oklahoma. All options listed below will save you 75% of your overall electric costs over the warrantied period of 25 years. All options are customizable and can be designed to fit your home’s needs.

Tier 1: 4 kW (11 solar panels)

  • Avg. electric bill is under $100/mo. on avg.
  • House size is up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Financing payment around $55/mo.

Tier 2: 9 kW (24 solar panels)

  • Avg. electric bill is under $200/mo. on avg.
  • House size is up to 2,200 sq. ft.
  • Financing payment around $125/mo.

Tier 3: 17 kW (46 solar panels)

  • Avg. electric bill is under $300/mo. on avg.
  • House size is up to 3,200 sq. ft.
  • Financing payment around $235/mo.
Energy Inspectors of Oklahoma

Energy Inspectors of Oklahoma

Where does the energy in your home ... go?

You want all the energy in your home to serve your family's needs, from heating and cooling to lighting and entertainment. But truth is, some of it's lost-from leaks to vampire drainage to inefficient usage. That's why it's important to be as efficient as possible. So let's look at how energy is used in a typical home and, more importantly, ways we can be more efficient and save money.

American Financial Network, Inc.

Thad Pracht

Regional Manager at American Financial Network, Inc.

As a licensed Loan Originator who is familiar with a variety of loan types and specialized programs, I am ready, willing, and able to help you find the mortgage product that may be right for you. Whether you are looking to purchase a personal residence, 2nd home, or investment property, or if you need to refinance an existing mortgage, I can help you find the product that suits your needs and circumstance. We offer Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and Specialty products, and I am prepared to help you find a loan that is right for you.

Prepare to walk an illuminated path on your journey with me as you are never left in the dark. I will regularly communicate status updates to you as your loan reaches certain milestones in the process. You have an entire team dedicated to carrying your loan from application, through processing and underwriting and over the finish line where your loan is finalized (closed) and funded.

If you ever have a concern or question, my team and I are a quick phone call or email away, and we always look forward to opportunities to communicate with you.

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